“I have been with NUXE for six years. I’m captivated by this extraordinary brand, because of its values and energy. If I had

Andrea Soler

Management Accountant, France

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“Team spirit, courage, respect and CSR are all values that we share at NUXE Group. We are a close-knit, dynamic Group which means each employee is able to achieve their goals while having a real impact on the company. We support the development of each employee by promoting individual excellence to achieve collective performance. Because of the trust we place in our teams, we are able to continue the NUXE success story outside France. Joining our team means embarking on a unique, rewarding adventure alongside teams that are renowned for their warmth and desire to share their experience. “

Muriel KOCH

General Manager

Our history

The story of NUXE Group is inseparable from that of Aliza Jabès, its CEO and founder. Captivated by the amazing power of plants and convinced from a very early age by her father - a pharmacy researcher - that the plant world is the source of significant therapeutic discoveries, Aliza Jabès grew up with an intuitive belief that nature has much to offer women. In the late 90s, this audacious entrepreneur discovered a natural cosmetology formulation laboratory in Paris. Convinced of its R&D potential, she decided to create the first skincare brand inspired by nature, combining effective and ultra-sensory properties and aimed at retail sales in the pharmacy sector. This major gamble paid off with the success of iconic skincare products such as Huile Prodigieuse®, a multi-purpose dry oil, Crème Fraîche de Beauté® and Rêve de Miel lip balm. Drawing on the R&D and innovation of its laboratory, NUXE has made a name for itself and become one of the leaders in the beauty segment. Thanks to its achievements in the art of selecting and combining the most effective active ingredients and inventing exclusive, original action mechanisms, more than 40 patents have already been filed! This innovation policy has been rewarded twice by the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI). Since the Group was created, research and innovation have therefore been at the heart of its strategy. Between 5% and 10% of the Group's turnover is allocated to these areas. In 2002, NUXE Group decided to expand by opening its first NUXE Spa in France. This concept very quickly conquered the world with 15 partner spas and 60 exceptional spas located in various countries (Dubai, Morocco, Switzerland, Portugal, Tunisia, etc.), where treatments and massages provide a release for the mind and body thanks to recognised expertise and an unparalleled sensory approach. From very early on NUXE Group went international. It currently has 15 subsidiaries, mainly in Europe (e.g. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Germany) and is available in almost 60 countries. Thanks to its 850 employees located all across the globe, this brand has won over millions of fans around the world to become a true "love brand". Our brands LABORATOIRE NUXE Formulated and produced in France, contributing to respect for nature, NUXE skincare and fragrances meet pharmaceutical network standards while remaining in touch with women's desires. Little everyday pleasures, their addictive textures and scents evoke a real emotional response. Most NUXE products, such as Huile Prodigieuse®, Rêve de Miel and Crème Fraîche de Beauté®, have achieved iconic status around the world, making NUXE a must-have brand and leader in the pharmacy sector (No. 1 in oils* and No. 1 in anti-ageing products***). Not only is NUXE dedicated to protecting the environment and community projects, but it is also a brand that is committed to nature, to making the beauty industry even more responsible. As a pioneer in organic cosmetics with Bio-Beauté® by NUXE, which was launched in 2008, NUXE reinvented this segment in 2020 with NUXE Bio, an uncompromising organic skincare range that is fully in line with current expectations. Find out more: https://fr.nuxe.com/ RESULTIME In 2014, NUXE Group launched RESULTIME. After taking over a laboratory that had pioneered the use of collagen, Aliza Jabès and her scientific teams filed a patent on Vectorised Micro-Collagen, a technology which diffuses active collagen fragments deep inside the skin, thanks to a vector that has an affinity with the skin. The Vectorised Micro-Collagen is combined with reference active ingredients in aesthetic dermatology (Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid, Retinol, etc.) for the visible correction of all signs of ageing. Formulated and produced in France, RESULTIME anti-ageing products are distributed in Parashop and Monoprix shops throughout France, as well as in eight other countries. Find out more: https://fr.resultime.com/ NUXE SPA The NUXE experience can also be enjoyed at NUXE Spas. Captivated by the world of well-being, Aliza Jabès opened 32 Montorgueil® in 2002, the first NUXE Spa venue in the heart of Paris. This unique location with an intimate and welcoming feel, and tucked under the stone vaults of an old cellar, promises clients the chance to reconnect with their inner selves, with treatments and massages that provide a release for the mind and body, thanks to a recognised expertise, combining expert techniques with the sensorial effectiveness of NUXE products. There are currently over 60 venues where clients can enjoy the NUXE Spa experience in France and around the world, acting as a real showcase for the brand in exceptional locations. A special skincare collection, called Le 32 Montorgueil® Sublime Jeunesse, is available exclusively at all our spas. Find out more: https://fr.nuxe.com/nuxe-spa *NUXE, No. 1 in oils in French pharmacies IQVIA - PharmaOne Pharmatrend - Women’s body care oil market (82F1E AND 82K6) - in pharmacies - France - Year 2020 - value and volume. ** NUXE, No. 1 in anti-ageing products in French pharmacies IQVIA – PharmaOne Pharmatrend – anti-ageing market (82B5 & 82D2A) - in pharmacies - France - Year 2020 – volume. Awards presented to our CEO: - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: 2010 - CEW Achiever Award: 2012 - Havas International Trophée Femme en Or: 2014 - Leadership Award: 2020 Awards for our innovation - Two INPI Awards for our innovation: 2007 & 2011 - Prize for Merit for the Development of Natural Cosmetology Research, awarded by the I.I.P.P. (International Institute for Promotion and Prestige): 2008 - Winner of 86 awards in France and 188 international awards presented by health and beauty professionals and consumers Our environmental commitments - "Made in France" Products - Natural formulas - 100% of products are vegetarian, 90% are vegan* - No animal testing - Formulations based on 100% botanical oils - Sustainable sourcing, favouring eco-responsible active ingredients - Eco-designed products that are environmentally-friendly Our commitments to employees - Gender equality index: the company has always been committed to professional equality among its employees and since 1 September 2019 it has been publishing its gender equality index score, which is 83/100. It is continuing to build on this very good score with the ultimate aim of achieving 100/100. - Raising awareness of eco-techniques and sustainable development issues Getting our employees committed by setting up a salary rounding scheme Our environmental partnerships : - GOOD PLANET FOUNDATION: Supporting ecological and community projects - UN TOIT POUR LES ABEILLES (A home for bees): Sponsoring beehives OCEANOPLASTIC: Contributing to protecting oceans from plastic pollution Our social partnerships: - CEW “Centres de Beauté”: Offering cosmetic treatments for patients suffering from serious illnesses - 1001 FONTAINES: Installation of drinking water fountains in Cambodia and Madagascar - L’AGENCE DU DON EN NATURE: Donation of products to people in extremely precarious situations - INSTITUT CURIE: Cancer research *Vegan formulas with no ingredients or derivatives of animal origin